Barabino Vinery

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P.IVA 01767410069

Cod. Fisc. BRBNDR65R01L304F

R.E.A. 198118

Sito Ufficiale


The wine  red Terra Avis is gotten by

picked grapes Dolcetto in the territory that

belongs from  different generations to the

agricultural firm (Terra Avis) and situed

in the territory of the Commune of  Monleale.

The vineyard is installed in the hill that

leans out to the lowland and it is able to use  

the necessary heat for the good one the

grapes  maturation. The Terra Avis possesses

a dry taste , pleasantly bitterish with a

characteristic aroma of yielded, served to the

temperature of 18 suit  him for many dishes

of the good gastronomy.