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The Vine Barbera

It is mostly the cultivated vine in the province of Alexandria and

in the whole Piedmont. In Piedmont counts seven D.O.C. Among

which the “Colli Tortonesi”; the first testimonies of the vine

Barbera go up again to the milleduecento. She has gotten the

recognition D.O.C. in 1973. The Barbera, his color red ruby, the

wine perfume, the dry taste and strong that growing old puts on

weight it has to possess one inferior least alcoholic gradation not

to the 11,5 degrees.  The vine it is Barbera from him 85% to 100%

with possibility of employment of Dolcetto, Fresia, Bonarda, thin

to a maximum of 15%. aged for one year, of which six months in

oak strokes, it is able to bring the qualification of “superior.”

Under Zone Monleale

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